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Carpaccio of goose breast served on a lettuce with raspberry balsamic sauce and pomegranate seeds

24,00 zł

Iceberg lettuce, served with tomatoes, peppers, and shallots accompanied by chicken breast pieces seasoned with turmeric topped vinaigrette sauce with raisins

18,00 zł

Beef carpaccio with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and parmesan cheese with a little drop of sherry dressing

22,00 zł

Tuna Salad with eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers, served with vinaigrette sauce

18,00 zł

Marinated baltic herrings with onions served with potatoes and sour cream

14,00 zł



Royal broth of goose and beef with homemade egg noodles

12,00 zł

Potato cream with porcini mushrooms and truffle oil

11,00 zł

Delicious fish soup with cod and Baltic salmon with the addition of seafood and crispy toast

30,00 zł

Beef goulash soup with warm roll

15,00 zł



Beef tenderloin with green pepper sauce, served with a baked potato, a piece of grilled zucchini and bell peppers. To whet your appetite we serve fresh lettuce with tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumber and vinaigrette

58,00 zł

Beef cheeks braised in red porto wine, combined with fried beets and horseradish, served with potato puree with shallots

39,00 zł

Roasted duck leg in gravy apple mouse served with potatoes and pickled beet carpaccio

39,00 zł

Chicken roll boned leg stuffed with meat of poultry and asparagus served with puree and Julienne salad

24,00 zł

Medallions of pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce, potatoes and green beans

31,00 zł

Tyrolean beef goulash with roasted potatoes and pickled cucumber

24,00 zł

Homemade ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta in a creamy gorgonzolla sauce topped with chives and parmesan cheese

24,00 zł

Penne with tomato sauce, spicy salami, marinated olives and pesto

19,00 zł

Seasonal Risotto

22,00 zł

Baked Salmon in a creamy sauce with fresh thyme served on a bouquet of colourful vegetables stewed al dente

39,00 zł

Fried Cod served with potato sticks and seasonal salad Gebrateren Kabeljau serviert mit Kartoffelstäbchen und Salat der Saison 19,00 zł



et Cetera homemade Ice-cream cake with fruits sauce on the red wine with vanilla and cinammon flavour

13,00 zł

Apple rings with cinnamon

12,00 zł

Vanilla ice cream with fruits sauce topped with meringue

11,00 zł



Chicken noodle soup

5,00 zł

Chicken nugets with baked potatoes

14,00 zł

Pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan

9,00 zł

Creps with cottage cheese and chocolate sauce

10,00 zł

Ice-cream with chocolate or fruit sauce

6,00 zł

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